AIKK, born "Abdelrahman Yasser" is a 25 year old artist, multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer and overall renaissance man. Originally from Alexandria, Egypt. Growing up in a metropolitan culture in mediterranean Alexandria. The arts were every where around him. From English Rock n' Roll, to Egyptian music and everything in between. He became genre-less. Moving to America at 16, and then a new country every few months, the concept of home only exists in a realm of useful fiction for an ever roaming AIKK. With 2 albums under his belt, an EP and a third LP on the way, AIKK is adamant about leaving no stone unturned on his way to engraving his name in art history. 

Listen, if you know me, you can tell I am turned on by a story in the making” - AIKK


Are we ever gonna be anymore than this?

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